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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  July 15, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> the search is on for the person or persons who shot two security guards. i am mindy basara. a 32-year-old woman and 38-year- old man are in serious
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condition. baltimore city police say the security cards regards that into a scuffle at an apartment complex. >> the scene indicates the male officer was able to return fire using his weapon at the suspect. it is undetermined at this time whether the suspects were struck. >> we're told the woman was shot in the eye and the man was shot in the torso. it is not known if anyone was hit. we will have much more for you at 5:00 and 6:00. a baltimore mother has a story to tell about her frightening night as she and her young son found themselves at the mercy of the carjacker. the woman says she stopped at a gas station to get some juice for her boy. that is when white forced his
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way into her car and forced her on a terrifying ride until she jumped out of the car. >> he said he was going to kill me, rape me. i did not want to jump but i did not know what else to do. i pushed the door open while he was looking in the mirror. i jumped out. >> aside from some bumps and bruises, she and her son are ok. white was stopped short time later and is being held without bail in a montgomery county jail. one of the teenagers has been taken off life-support. he was crossing the highway with a friend when both were hit. the friend remains in shock trauma. police do not expect to file charges against the driver because they were not using a crosswalk. traffic delays continue. sky team 11 was over the traffic in the last hour. an accident involving a tractor-
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trailer is to blame. southbound lanes near 91 remain closed. there is a time out in the debt ceiling talks. no deal looks possible at this time. both sides made their case again. the biggest differences over tax hikes. president obama spoke to the american people today for the second time this week. steve has the latest. >> president obama will hold new talks today with republicans. instead he is pressuring them in public to avoid default. >> we could have interest rates rising for everyone in the country. that would be a tax increase on everybody. >> he wants tax hikes on the well off along with spending cuts. he says the polls. most americans want that as well. >> millionaires and billionaires can afford to do more. we can close corporate loopholes. >> house republicans did not back down. they insist they've cut spending four times more than democrats.
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they deny -- some reports have indicate that republicans have not given. i tell you that is not true. we are at $6 trillion. they are at one trillion at best. >> next week, they will float a new spending cut plan to keep finding the fighting tax cuts. >> there will be no tax hikes because they destroy jobs. >> democrats want to give president obama authority to raise the borrowing limit and postponed the battle until 2013. the house republicans say no. >> we're far from the time for a last-ditch effort. >> the president still wants the spending and tax hikes so now. he was a big plan for 10 or 20 years. he says the good news is we are not greece and the problem is
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solving with spending cuts and entitlement reform, and tax hikes. nbc news in washington. >> an end to the n.f.l. walkout could be in the foreseeable future. people familiar with the negotiations say they made significant progress yesterday. the owners have a special meeting on thursday in atlanta. they could potentially ratified a new deal. the lockout is now in the fourth month. thousands are expected to pack baltimore for artscape. it is the nation's largest free art festival. rob roblin joins us live. >> it is a beautiful day out here. there is lots of sunshine. it is not monitored 80 degrees like it usually is. that is the good news. -- it is not 180 degrees like it usually is. that is the good news. this started in 1982. a lot of artists were rolling in this morning. your artists from all over the country.
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-- you have artists from all over the country. they are setting up for people coming down throughout the weekend for artscape. this is the 30th anniversary. there will be special event tonight. with me to talk about that is the great trees to baskerville. -- tracy baskerville. >> we will have a special effects finale on the main stage. it is a low level fireworks special effects in honor of our 30's. >> 30 years. it seems like it was yesterday when it started. i know you were only three of the time. it has grown. >> each year we try to do something different. it is not the same festival each year. we have expanded two charles street -- to charles street.
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we change the installations. we try to keep it fresh and new every year. >> one of the most important things is the weather. the man with the answers, the man who knows what the weather will be this weekend is our own mr. john collins. did you like that introduction? >> how can i complain about something like that? how can we complain about the weather? the humidity is low. temperatures are comfortable. we have plenty of sunshine. it is the filtered sunshine. there is no rain on the radar. we do have some clouds over baltimore. towards the potomac river and parts of western maryland, we do see heavier cloud cover. that is not relate rain-making stuff -- really rain-making stuff. some of the heavier clouds out west are trying to produce some sprinkles. the air is too dry for that to happen. we will have filtered sun shine with comfortable conditions. over the weekend, we will boost
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things a bit. i will talk about that coming up. >> if you are having to artscape, take the forecast with you. you can find the forecasts online and at facebook. we will show you one bird who makes it clear people are not welcome in his territory. we will have a preview of the final harry potter movie. passengers were shaken up after an incident at the boston airport.
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at >> there were some tense moments for passengers at boston airport when the airplanes click each other. one person suffered minor injuries. passengers were taken off of the airplanes, given hotel rooms, and booked on new flights today. the ntsb is investigating the accident. in just two days, casey anthony will be released from jail. offers are already coming in. one producer has offered her $1 million for her first tv interview. she may need the cash. the group who helped to search for her daughter as filed a lawsuit against her. authorities are becoming
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concerned about her safety after she is released. she was acquitted last week of killing her young daughter. still ahead, wearing less clothing could lead to problems. we will hear about harry potter next. >> do not be put off by the clouds. it is a minor blip in an almost perfect forecast. at vwi, it is 79. it is in the 80's downtown.
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plus over 60 premium channels for 12 months. don't wait. call 1-888-818-fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1-888-818-3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. or for other great fios offers, visit us online. get fios. a network ahead. >> people in southern california are preparing for carmageddon as a 10-mile stretch of the 405 will be shut down tonight to expand the runway -- roadway. the shutdown is expected to affect half a million drivers. it is not welcome news to harry potter fans for the weekend.
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after eight movies from the harry potter instrument is coming to an end. the fans gathered for a big night showing -- midnight showing. it is now open in 11,000 theaters across the u.s. >> he knows we broken. he knows what we took. >> anticipation over the end of the saga has fans around the country lined up for midnight screenings thursday night. >> we are very excited. there are mixed emotions. >> the series of books ends on the big screen. it is the final chapter of hollywood's most successful movie franchise. it began with at least 6000 midnight screenings, sold out in advance. >> it has taught just about everything in terms of audience anticipation. >> the film series made overnight stars of the trio of novice actors.
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that was then. this is now. >> i have been in the best film/drama school that anyone could wish for. >> it started with the innocence of youth and ends with a climactic battle between good and evil. >> these bills have been very important to me. it is my childhood. >> it is a feeling shared by millions of fans. >now millions of fans around the world are saying goodbye to a legend. >> the fans will come away very satisfied that this is a fitting conclusion to these incredible story. >> it is a magical farewell. >> forget the superstition
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about black cats and bad luck. he is a super lucky black cat. g survived a 20-foot fall from an apartment building. he was not seriously injured. the vet said the long- distance likely give him time to prepare his body for landing. >> we have to have bad days. people were morning betty ford went the bird started attacking people attending the viewing. perhaps a "beware of bird" warning is needed. >> [laughter] >> that caught me by surprise. we have a few scattered clouds to the west.
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the air is dry, i do not think the sprinkles are hitting the ground. we have some thin cloud over us. this will stay to the west. i think we're good today. orange shows temperatures in the 80's. east of us, we can see that. closer to the bay and west where we see the thin cloudiness, readings are still hovering in the 70's. in far western maryland, it is in the 70's. there may be some 60's in green with the valleys. the pollen count is low. the grass pollen is 4. mold is low at 121. we can see this streak of cloudiness. there is a differential in the high pressure over us. it is not a big deal in the weather.
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the clouds to the south are producing some rain. the high pressure over head is dry air. it is hard to produce any rain. the tropical stuff is closer to the gulf coast. you can see the clouds and rain in the other areas. they have very hot temperatures in oklahoma and texas. they are experiencing a drought. in the upper atmosphere, the jet stream is coming off the west coast and going into canada. all this hot air is sitting in the central part of the u.s. it is hot and humid air. we have a trough over canada and the north. that is bringing in pleasant air. it is holding off the chances of rain. eventually, this will rise and allow the heat and humidity to come in. as we go into the weekend,
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things will change. today will be nice and pleasant. we will have low humidity. on the open waters of the bay, there will be a low shot. this high pressure will not change much. eventually, the high will get pushed further south. we will start getting some of the heat and humidity. the ocean city forecast will be in the 70's today and 80's over the weekend. it will be generally dry weather. temperatures will climb. today will be 86. it will be 91 on sunday. the humidity will go up over the weekend. it will really kicked in on monday and tuesday. we will be in the low to mid 90's. by monday night into tuesday, there will be a chance of rain. we will stay warm next week. the mid-atlantic muggies return
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next week. >> are you heading to the beach this weekend? ocean city boardwalk is among the top-10 in the nation. the only boardwalks with a higher rating are myrtle beach, coney island, and atlantic city. take you to ocean city and the other beaches on the list. click on entertainment. ♪ >> it is hot outside. covering up less can cause skin damage from the searing sun. there are alternatives to a tank tops and bathing suits. >> days like this can be intense. >> it is hot in the water is cold. it is complicated. >> there's a lot of sun and water. there is a little bit of clothing.
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>> tank tops and flip flops. >> peeling off the layers may not be best according to this dermatologist. >> whether you have long sleeves with vince or a tank top, you will sweat. he will be hot anyway. you might as well protect yourself with protective clothing. >> this is rated 50. >> these are hot sellers. >> we have t-shirts with spf an d upf ratings. the shorts, the house will have some sort of protection. >> for kids, there are sweatshirts -- swim shirts like this one. you do not have to worry about applying sunscreen. even dresses come with some protection. the doctor says it is best to
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start at the top. >> i see a lot of guys in baseball caps. they are useless. they protect the small area in the front. the ears are badly damaged. i have taken off some wears. where a wide-brimmed hat all the way around. >> be aware of the latest sun safety tips. our interactive guide will keep you updated. up next, the lottery numbers. we will check on the weather forecast again. let's look at how wall street is performing at this hour. stay with us.
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>> at 5:00, the latest in the investigation of the two security guards shot last night. you have seen people paying next to nothing for groceries. some stores plan to stop you from extreme couponing. we will also have more on artscape. here are your maryland lottery numbers. >> it is a beautiful day. happy friday. let's play the picked three numbers. 9, 3, 4. we will get to the pick 4 in a moment. you can into the double play contest.
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-- you can injure the double play contest for a chance to win cash and prizes. we are set and ready to go with the pick 4 numbers. 8, 7, 6, 3. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> my weekend starts in about 10 minutes. i cannot wait. >> it is another terrific day today. we're going into a good weekend. it will be 86 to date and 88 on saturday. we will be just into the 90's on sunday. the chances of rain will go up by monday. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> thank you for joining us at
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noon. >> be sure to watch it 5:00. have a great day.
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